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About Us



BUDZ™ is about to radically change the game. Delivering an experience like no other: discrete, healthy, accessible, tasteful, predictable and fast-acting. Our THC is infused with nano technology giving you a 5-6 minute onset.

In todays world people see convenience as meaning much more than simply doing things without difficulty. Rather it’s about providing people a sense of control, versatility and reliable accessibility. This is where BUDZ™ excels. Bringing people an experience that is unmatched in terms of empowerment, engagement and flexibility.

Our business model is to develop, manufacture and sell a broad range of highly-unique, patent-protected cannabis-infused products building iconic brand equity.

While first focus is California BUDZ™ will rapidly expand into other states that have legalised recreational cannabis use. BUDZ™ will also actively out-license its branded products to local licensees and distributors in select global markets.


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